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Am sorry. Don't know how to go by this.
Been trying to such for Joseph John Gillio who was in Uganda.
I am a grand child of a daughter of him.
She is 74 now. Been trying to locate atleast his ancestors. Plz reply if you have any knowledge about the matter.
My granny would be delighted to have any info

Thank you for your email. The only information we have on Joseph John Gillio is that which is on our website, the information for which has been extracted from Ancestry and Findmypast. It is the family of his wife, Anna, which is our main interest because it was she who was related to the Sladden family.

You say that your grandmother is 74 which would make her born in 1943 which was the year in which Joe died in Uganda, aged about 70 (a year after his wife, Anna, who lived in England). I’m sorry that we are not able to help you any further with information on the Gillio family.