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Surname Forenames Date Range Location Title
ASTLEY William Constantine 1919-2004 Wickhamford, Evesham William Constantine Astley, M.B., ChB., D.R.C.O.G
BARNARD William 1803-1892 Badsey Badsey Tailor, Parish Clerk and Postman
BENT Buckley 1864-1933 Aldington, Badsey Buckley Bent – Early Colour Photographer
BYRD Samuel James 1889-1972 Evesham, Wickhamford A Byrd in India
CARTER Benjamin 1842-1926 Wickhamford Benjamin Carter of ‘The Farm’
CARTER Maurice L 1935-present day Wickhamford Maurice Carter's National Service
CARTER Sydney Benjamin 1896-1953 Wickhamford Syd Carter - A local character
COX William & Alice Jane and family 20th century Wickhamford Cox family of Pitchers Hill
DRYSDALE Bertha, John Mortimer, Roger Gillespie 20th century Wickhamford Drysdale family
HAINES Frank 1902-1965 Aldington, Badsey, Wickhamford Frank Haines - Village Policeman
HAINES John Thomas William (Jack) 1920-1987 Badsey, Wickhamford Jack Haines - Played football for England
HAINES Norris 1889-1973 Aldington, Badsey, Wickhamford Norris Haines - Chauffeur and Gardener at Wickhamford Manor
HEATH Harry Leslie 1901-1963 Wickhamford Dr Heath of Longdon Hill
HOLLAND Francis & Mary, Francis & Ann and family c1760-1812 Wickhamford Holland family at Wickhamford Manor
HUBAND (later FAIRFAX, later WILLIAMS) Elizabeth 1799-1876 Wickhamford From Wickhamford to Australia
HUXLEY/HARDIMAN Mary & Edmund and family & Richard Hardiman Late 19th/early 20th century Badsey, Wickhamford Huxley family - domestic drama
IDIENS John & Alice and family Late 19th/early 20th century Badsey, Wickhamford Idiens family of Bowers Hill and Wickhamford Manor
LEES-MILNE George Crompton & Helen Christina and family Early 20th century Wickhamford Lees-Milne family of Wickhamford Manor
MOULBERY Sarah Ann, Edith Florence, Beatrice Emily Late 19th/20th century Badsey, Wickhamford Moulbery sisters and their husbands, George Brotherton, Charles Halford, George Pitts
OSLER George Percy Watson 1883-1968 Wickhamford George Percy Osler - fruit grower
PHILLIPPS John & Annie and family Late 19th century Wickhamford The Phillipps Family of Wickhamford Manor
POPE Edward William & John Pearce Late 19th century Wickhamford The Pope families of Wickhamford Manor
ROBBINS George & Mary Jane Late 19th/20th century Badsey, Wickhamford Robbins family and Robin Cottage
ROBERTS Edward John 1902-1982 Badsey, Wickhamford Ted Roberts and his Transport Business
SANDYS Sandys family 17th-19th century Wickhamford Sandys family at Wickhamford
SANDYS (nee BARKER) Mary ?-1681 Wickhamford Wife of Sir Samuel Sandys of Wickhamford Manor
SEWARD John and family 18th century Badsey Letters of a Badsey Family, the Sewards, 1735-36
SEWARD William 1702-1740 Badsey William Seward, Methodist Martyr
SHARP John, Agnes & Elizabeth 1860-2010 Aldington, Offenham John, Agnes and Elizabeth Sharp of Aldington Mill and The Laurels, Offenham
SMITH Frederick Sutherland 1837-1915 Wickhamford Frederick Sutherland Smith of Wickhamford Manor
SPOONER William & Thomas 16th century Wickhamford The Spooner family of Wickhamford Manor
SWIFT Benjamin Ryle 1866-1947 Wickhamford Benjamin Swift of Longdon Hill
TAYLOR John & Samuel and descendants 19th-20th century Wickhamford The Taylor Family: a farming life in Wickhamford
TIMBRILL Thomas and family Late 17th/early 18th century Wickhamford Timbrill family and their memorial in the church
WALTERS Henry & Elias Charles and family 19th-20th century Wickhamford Walters family - market gardeners
WHITE William 17th century Wickhamford William White and 17th Century Wickhamford
WOODALL Alfred 1875-1966 Wickhamford Alfred Woodall - Fruit Grower of Carrig, Longdon Hill